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1.04/30/2016Public Notice
Bradshaw Construction Corp. is seeking Certified M/WBE subcontractor / supplier quotes for the Oregon Avenue NW Sewer Rehabilitation project located in Washington, DC. The project bid date is 05/11/16. Work available will include excavation, open cut sewer pipe installation, surveying, vibration monitoring, hauling, bypass pumping, traffic control, erosion and sediment controls, clearing, site work, fencing, asphalt/paving work, concrete flat work, cast-in-place concrete structural work, vac truck, sweepers, landscaping, precast concrete materials, pipe materials, aggregates, sheeting, and office trailer supply. For more information on this project please contact Ryan Purdue at
(410) 970-8319
or email
visit our website at
April 20,21 ,22,23,24,25,
and May 1, 2016 Ad#14882344
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