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1.02/11/2016Reach 3.1 Million Readers five (5) days per week through the MDDC Daily Classified Connection Network. Place your ad in twelve (12) daily newspapers. Call 410-212-0616 TODAY - target readers throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region; email Wanda Smith @
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2.02/11/2016Place a business card ad in the Regional Small Display 2x2/2x4 Advertising Network - Reach 3.6 Million readers with just one call, one bill and one ad placement in 71 newspapers in Maryland, Delaware and DC TODAY! For just $1450.00, Get the reach, Get the results and for Just Pennies on the Dollars 1-855-721-6332 x 6 or email
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3.02/11/2016Want a larger footprint in the marketplace consider advertising in the MDDC Small Display 2x2 or 2x4 Advertising Network. Reach 3.6 million readers every week by placing your ad in 71 newspapers in Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. With just one phone call, your business and/or product will be seen by 3.6 million readers is limited, CALL TODAY!! Call 1-855-721-6332 x 6 or 410-212-0616 email or visit our website at
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4.02/11/2016DIVORCE - Uncontested, $450 + $88 court cost. No court appearance. Estimated completion time twenty-one days. Telephone inquiries welcome - no obligation. Hilton Oliver, Attorney. 757-490-0126. Se Habla Espa?l.
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