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are the fast, easy, and affordable way to
reach customers with special offers!
Coupons are great for:
*two-for-one offers
*percent-off sales
*limited-time offers
*clearance sales
*and much more!
Coupon packages start at
$10 for 7 days!

Ready to build your Marketplace Online Coupon?

STEP ONE: "Claim" your business listing in the Local Business Directory. When you click on 'Click here to begin!' you will be able to find your business listing by: 1. SEARCH BY BUSINESS NAME: Type your business name into the search box. OR 2. SEARCH BY CATEGORY: Click on your business category. Businesses are listed in alphabetical order.

STEP TWO: Once you locate your business listing, click "claim" next to your business name.

What Happens Next? Once you "Claim" your business, please allow 2 business days for The Advocate to process your information. This is a one time process. After this initial set up, you can build future online coupons immediately!

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