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Air Cargo & Package Express Svc
Aircraft Equip & Parts & Supls
Aircraft Maintenance & Service
Aircraft Mfrs
Aircraft Service Maintenance & Repair
American Freightways Trucking
Amusement Devices & Places
Amusement Equip
Antennas & Antenna Towers
Asbestos Inspection & Management
Auto Body Mfrs
Auto Body Shop Equip & Supls
Auto Parts & Supls Wholesale & Mfrs
Automation Consultants
Automation Systems & Equip
Automobile Repairing & Service Equip & Supls Whol
Aviation Consultants
Bags Plastic & Transparent
Bakeries Wholesale
Bar Equipment Fixtures & Supls
Barbers Equipment & Supplies
Baskets - Retail & Wholesale
Batteries Storage
Batteries Storage Wholesale & Mfrs
Beauty Salon Equip & Supls
Beauty Supls & Equip
Beer & Ale Brewers & Distrs
Beer & Ale-wholesale & Distributing
Beer Brewing Equip & Supplies
Belting & Belting Supls
Belting Mechanical Supplies
Beverage & Juice Bottlers Distrs & Mfrs
Beverage Mfrs
Bingo Equip & Supls
Blasting Contractors Equip & Supls
Blue Printing Equip & Supls
Boots Wholesale & Mfrs
Boxes Corrugated & Fiber
Brake Lining Mfrs & Distrs
Brakes Mfrs & Distrs
Brass & Brass Products
Bronze Tablets
Buffing & Polishing Equip & Supls
Butchers Equip & Supls
Cabinets Wholesale & Mfrs
Cake & Candy Decorating Equip & Supls
Campers Wholesale & Mfrs
Candle Mfrs
Candles Whol & Mfrs
Candy & Confectionery Mfrs Equip & Supls
Candy & Confectionery Wholesale & Mfrs
Carpet & Rug Dealers New Wholesale
Carpet & Rug Mfrs
Caterers Equip & Supls
Ceramic Equip & Supls Wholesale & Mfrs
Ceramic Products Industrial
Chemical Mfrs & Distributors
Chemicals Commercial & Industrial
Chemicals Dealers
Chemicals Wholesale & Mfrs
Chemists Mfrs
China Crystal & Glassware Whol & Mfrs
Chiropractic Equip & Supls
Christmas Trees Wholesale
Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco Dealers Wholesale & Mfrs
Clothing Wholesale & Mfrs
Coal & Coke
Coal & Coke Wholesale
Coal Brokers
Coal Miners & Shippers
Coal Washing
Coffee & Tea Wholesale
Commercial Builders & Contractors
Commercial Refrigerating Equipment Sales & Serv
Contract Mfrs
Conveyors & Conveying Equip
Crane Sales & Service
Cranes & Derricks
Cranes Hoisting & Rigging Service
Credit Card & Other Card Plans Equip & Supls
Cylinders Air Gas & Hydraulic
Cylinders Hydrostatic Testing
Dairy Products Wholesale
Dialysis Equip Services
Doors Commercial & Industrial Sales & Repair
Drilling & Boring Equip & Supls
Drive Shafts
Dust Collecting Bags Mfrs
Educational Equip & Supls
Electric Equip & Supls Mfrs
Electric Equip & Supls Wholesale & Mfrs
Electric Motor Mfrs & Distrs
Electronic Equip & Supls Wholesale & Mfrs
Elevators Parts
Elevators Sales & Service
Elevators Sales & Service Commercial
Elevators Sales & Service Residential
Envelopes Wholesale & Mfrs
Environmental & Ecological Products Equip & Supls
Excavating & Ditching Equip
Fabrics Wholesale & Mfrs
Fasteners Industrial & Construction
Fence Commercial & Industrial
Fertilizer Wholesale & Mfrs
Fiber Glass Mfrs
Filling Machinery
Fire Department Equip & Supls
Fish & Seafood Wholesale
Fishing Tackle & Supls Wholesale & Mfrs
Florist Wholesale
Food Products Wholesale & Mfrs
Food Specialty Businesses Pepsico /pepsi-cola
Forklifts & Trucks Parts & Supls
Foundries Iron
Foundries Steel
Freight Consolidators & Distributors
Frozen Food Locker Plants
Fruit & Vegetable Growers & Shippers
Fruit & Vegetables Wholesale
Fuel Bulk Delivery
Fund Raising Merchandise & Supls
Funeral Homes Equip Supls & Services
Furniture Mfrs
Furniture Wholesale
Gas Additives Mfrs & Distrs
Gas Industrial & Medical
Gas Liquefied Petroleum Bottled & Bulk
Gas Well Drilling
Gasoline Wholesale
General Contractors Steel Erectors
General Contractors Steel Fabricators & Erectors
General Dynamics Aerospace
General Merchandise Wholesale
Glass Auto Plate Window Etc Mfrs & Distrs
Glass Auto Plate Window Etc Wholesale & Mfrs
Guard Rails
Hazardous Materials & Waste Services
Heat Treating Metal
Heating Equip & Systems Wholesale & Mfrs
Hobby & Model Construction Supls Wholesale & Mfrs
Hoist Fork Lifts
Hose & Tubing Rubber & Plastic
Hughes Supply Commercial Supl & Prod Whol
Hydraulic Equip & Supls
Hydraulic Equip & Supls Wholesale & Mfrs
Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts Mfrs
Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts Wholesale & Mfrs
Ice Cream Cone Mfrs & Distrs
Ice Makers & Dispensers
Industrial Consultants
Industrial Contractors
Industrial Developers
Industrial Equip & Supls
Industrial Equip & Supls Wholesale & Mfrs
Iron Work
Janitorial Equip & Supls
Jewelers Wholesale
Jewelry Mfrs
Kitchen Cabinets & Equip Household Wholesale & Mfrs
Laboratories Testing Water
Laboratory Equip & Supls
Landfills & Transfer Sites
Landfills Sanitary
Landscape-equip & Supplies-commercial & Industrial
Lawn Maintenance Commercial & Industrial
Leather Clothes & Goods Wholesale & Mfrs
Lighting Fixtures Wholesale & Mfrs
Lockheed Martin Aerospace
Locks & Locksmiths Mfrs
Locks & Locksmiths Whol & Mfrs
Locks & Locksmiths Wholesale
Locks Wholesale & Mfrs
Logging Companies & Contractors
Logging Equip & Supls
Lumber Inspectors
Lumber Mfrs & Whol
Lumber Treating & Drying
Lumber Wholesale
Machine Shops Cnc Machining
Machinery Movers & Erectors
Machinery Used
Manufactured & Mobile Home Transporting
Manufactured & Mobile Homes Set Ups & Tear Downs
Manufactured Mobile Homes Parts & Supls
Manufactured Mobile Homes Wholesale & Mfrs
Marble Fabricators
Market Places
Markets & Grocers Equip & Supls
Material Handling Equip
Meat Processing & Butchering
Meat Wholesale
Medical & Infectious Waste Removal
Metal Fabricators
Metal Powder Products
Metal Specialists
Metal Stamping
Metals Base
Mfrs Agents & Representatives
Mining Companies Contractors & Brokers
Mining Equip & Supls
Mining Equip & Supls Repairing
Mobile Home Equip & Parts Whol
Mobile Home Equip & Parts Whol & Mfrs
Mobile Homes Distributors & Mfrs
Motorcycles & Motor Scooters Supls & Parts Whol & Mfrs
Natural Gas Brokers
Newspapers Mfrs
Norfolk Southern Railroads
Nuclear Energy Consultants
Office Furniture & Equip Wholesale & Mfrs
Oil & Gas Consulting Service
Oil & Gas Exploration & Development
Oil & Gas Producers
Oil Companies & Distributors
Oil Field Services
Oil Marketers
Oil Petroleum
Oil Well Drilling
Oil Well Equip & Supls
Oil Well Services
Oils Industrial
Optical Goods Wholesale & Mfrs
Oxygen Commercial & Industrial
Pallet & Skid Companies
Paper Dealers & Distributors
Paper Mill Machinery
Pharmaceutical Products Wholesale & Mfrs
Photographers Commercial & Industrial
Picture Frames Wholesale & Mfrs
Pipe Bending & Fabricating
Pipe Cutting & Threading
Pipe Line Equip
Pizza Equip & Supls
Pizza Wholesale & Mfrs
Plasterers Contractors
Plastic Fabricating Finishing & Decorators
Plastic Molders Compression
Plastic Reinforced & Composite
Plastic Vacuum & Pressure Forming Mfrs
Playground Equip
Plumbing Fixtures & Supls Wholesale & Mfrs
Plywood & Veneers Wholesale & Mfrs
Police Equip & Supls
Potato Chips Wholesale
Poultry Wholesale
Power Plants
Printers Commercial
Pumps Whol & Mfrs
Race Track Equip & Supls
Railroad Cars Mfrs
Railroad Companies
Railroad Contractors
Railroad Equip & Supls
Recording Studio Equip
Refrigerating Equip Commercial & Industrial
Refrigerating Equip Parts & Supls Wholesale & Mfrs
Refrigerating Equip Service & Repair
Rendering Companies
Restaurant Equip & Supls
Restaurant Equipment Repair
Riggers Equip & Supls
Road & Highway Contractors & Construction
Roadway Express Trucking
Rolling Mill Machinery
Rustproofing Industrial
Safes & Vaults Wholesale
Sandblasting Industrial & Commercial
Sanitation Consultants
Saw Mills
Saw Mills Equip & Supls
Sawdust & Shavings
Scientific Instruments & Supls
Scrap Import & Export
Scrap Metals
Scrap Rubber
Septic Tanks & Systems Wholesale & Mfrs
Service Station Equip & Supls
Service Station Equip Installation
Sewage Disposal Systems
Sewage Plant Operation
Sewage Treatment Equip & Supls
Sheet Metal Mfrs
Sheet Metal Specialties
Shelving Commercial & Industrial
Shoe Mfrs
Shoes Wholesale & Mfrs
Signs Commercial
Signs Maintenance & Repair
Sporting Goods Wholesale & Mfrs
Sportswear Wholesale & Mfrs
Sprinkler Automatic Fire
Stationery Social & Commercial
Steel Distributors & Service Centers
Steel Joists
Steel Mills
Steel Processing
Steel Used
Stone Cast
Sugar Brokers & Wholesalers
Surgical Appliances Instruments & Supls
Tanks Installation & Removal
Tanks Lining & Coating
Tanks Metal
Tanning Salon Equip & Supls
Telecommunications Equip & Systems Wholesale & Mfrs
Testing Equip & Supls
Texaco Petroleum Refining
Timber & Timberland Companies
Tires Distributors & Mfrs
Tobacco Leaf Wholesale
Tobacco Warehouses
Tool & Die Makers
Tool Designers & Mfrs
Tool Grinding Industrial
Toys Wholesale & Mfrs
Trade & Economic Development Offices - Foreign In The Us
Trading Coupon & Stamp Companies
Traffic Signs Signals & Equip
Trailers Commercial Dealers & Mfrs
Trailers Truck
Trailers Truck Wholesale & Mfrs
Transit Lines
Transportation Brokers & Consultants
Transportation Consultants
Truck Brokers
Truck Equip & Parts Wholesale & Mfrs
Truck Refrigeration Equip
Trucking Companies
Trucking Contract Haulers
Trucking Dump
Trucking Heavy Hauling
Trucking Light Hauling
Trucking Liquid & Dry Bulk
Trucking Motor Freight
Trucks Industrial
Tubing Metal
Vacuum Cleaning Industrial
Variety Stores-whsle & Mfrs
Vending & Dispensing Machines
Vibration Control & Measurement
Video Games Wholesale & Mfrs
Video Tapes & Discs Wholesale & Manufacturers
Waste Reduction Disposal & Recycling Equip Industrial
Water Companies Bottled Bulk Etc Whol
Welding Commercial & Industrial
Welding Equip & Supls Retail
Window Cleaning Commercial & Industrial
Windows Metal Wood Plastic & Vinyl
Windows Wholesale & Mfrs
Wine Whole & Mfrs
Yellow Trucking

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Antill Lumber Products Claim

  Cherry Tree, PA 15724     map (814) 677-3689
Bedford Pallet Claim

  RR 2, Bedford, PA 15522     map (814) 623-1521
Fochtman Bros Claim

  150 Pallet Dr, Berlin, PA 15530     map (814) 267-4441
Logenecker Allen Claim

  E Loop Rd, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648     map (814) 693-2488
Pg Recycling Inc Claim

  Hollidaysburg, PA 16648     map (814) 696-6000
Remington Pallets & Crates Claim

  1452 Pyer Rd, Vintondale, PA 15961     map (814) 749-7557


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