June 13, 2024

Amazon Prime: Ultimate Guide to Try Before You Buy

Have you ever wished for a magical closet that lets you try on clothes before committing to them? Well, with Amazon Prime, that wish is pretty close to reality. Imagine picking out clothing from the comfort of your home, trying them on, and only paying for what you love. It’s like having a fitting room sent right to your doorstep! This idea keeps your wardrobe fresh without the usual hassle—and it’s just one of the sweet perks of being an Amazon Prime member.

Are you curious about how exactly this works or if there’s any cost hidden in this seemingly wonderful service? Here’s the scoop: With Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy, you can choose up to eight items across clothes, shoes, and accessories without any upfront payment. Then, you enjoy a seven-day trial period at home—mix and match whatever you picked with what’s already in your closet. At the end of the trial, pay for what you want to keep and return the rest with a prepaid shipping label. Simple as pie!

What You’ll Uncover Here:

  • The simple truth behind how ‘Try Before You Buy’ actually operates
  • A clear outline of potential costs (or lack thereof) linked with ‘Try Before You Buy.’
  • Straightforward steps for choosing fashion gems risk-free
  • Insider tips on maximizing your at-home fitting room experience
  • Answers to common questions that might be swirling in your head right now

Understanding Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service from Amazon that offers exclusive benefits like fast shipping for eligible purchases, streaming of movies, TV shows and music, access to unlimited reading, and much more.

Understanding Amazon Prime

In addition to these standard benefits, Amazon also offers a unique feature known as “Try Before You Buy.” This program lets customers try out eligible items before purchasing them.

What Is Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy?

Try Before You Buy is an interesting service offered by Amazon Prime. With this scheme, subscribers can order clothes or accessories they are curious about. Instead of buying the items immediately, they can use the trial period to check the size, quality, appearance, and other features of the product at home.

It presents a risk-free way for customers to find the perfect item without leaving their homes. This innovative feature has dramatically altered online shopping by eliminating any doubts or uncertainties associated with purchasing products online.

How Does Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy Work?

Subscribers can select eligible items they would like to try out under this offer right from their account on the Amazon website or mobile app. Once you choose up to eight items you’re interested in; they’re shipped directly to your doorsteps without any initial cost.

Then begins your seven-day trial period where you can test and examine these products comfortably at home. If you wish to keep anything after this trial period ends; only then will you be charged for those specific items—on the flip side if you decide not return everything within this time frame amazon will consider all items as purchased

How Much Does Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy Cost?

Another appealing aspect of Amazon’s ‘Try-Before-You-Buy’ concept is its easy-on-the-pocket nature because there’s no upfront payment involved when ordering your potential purchases under “try before you buy”.

Members are only required to pay for what they keep after trying on the items at home. You aren’t asked to spend even a single penny until you are happy and satisfied with your chosen product. Repack whatever doesn’t fit or suit you in the provided return bag and leave it at your nearest UPS location – it’s as simple as that!

Exploring the Features of Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy

When I first heard about Amazon Prime’s Try Before You Buy feature, I was pretty excited. The idea that I could pick out clothes, try them on at home, and only pay for what I keep seemed great.

Exploring the Features of Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy

So, let’s dive into what items you can get and weigh the good against the bad of this cool service.

Eligible Items for Amazon Prime’s ‘Try Before You Buy’

Not everything you see on Amazon is available for Try Before You Buy. It focuses on clothes, shoes, and accessories. When shopping, look for things that say “Prime Try Before You Buy” next to them. This means these items are part of the deal, where you can try them at home first.

It’s a really handy service because it takes away the stress of guessing your size or if a style suits you when shopping online. Plus, there are loads of options – from casual wear to formal outfits – so chances are high that you’ll find something that catches your eye.

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Amazon Prime – Pros and Cons

Shopping online has its ups and downs. But what if I told you there’s a way to shop without the stress of guessing if an item will be just right for you? That’s where Amazon Prime’s Try Before You Buy comes into play.

Benefits of Using Amazon Prime’s Try Before You Buy Feature

This feature lets you take your time and make sure you love what you order. Let’s get into the good stuff – the pros and cons – of using this nifty service.

Free Two-Day ShippingAnnual Membership Fee
Access to Amazon Prime VideoNot all products are Prime Eligible
Access to Amazon MusicMay encourage impulsive buying
Access to Prime ReadingCould be Expensive if you don’t shop often
Early access to dealsInterface not as friendly as some competitors’
Unlimited photo storageInterface is not as friendly as some competitors’
Same-day or even two-hour delivery options availableLimited benefits for international members

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Steps To Leverage From The Feature

Steps To Leverage From The Feature

To truly benefit from Amazon Prime, Try Before You Buy; you’ll want to know the ins and outs of the program. Here’s how you can make the most of this unique shopping feature:

  • Understand Eligibility: Start by making sure your Amazon account has an active Prime membership. Not all items are available for Try Before You Buy, so look for those tagged with the “Prime Try Before You Buy” icon.
  • Pick Your Items: Browse through a wide selection of eligible clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can select up to eight items at a time without immediate payment.
  • Wait For Delivery: After placing your order, your selections will be shipped to you. This is where patience comes in! Expect them to arrive within 4-6 days on average.
  • Try Them On Take advantage of the seven-day trial period starting from the day your items arrive. Mix and match with your wardrobe at home!
  • Decide What Stays and What Goes: Keep what you love and place unworn items back in the box with the provided return labels.
  • Finalize Your Purchase or Returns: Check out Amazon’s website or app to complete purchases of items you’re keeping within those seven days. Easily drop off returns at UPS or arrange for free pick-up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Seven-Day trial period begin?

The seven-day trial period begins once your package arrives at your door.

Can I still return what I bought even after the seven-day try-on period?

No, items must be returned within the seven-day window to avoid being charged

How long do items arrive through “Amazon Prime’s Try Before You Buy”?

Delivery times vary, but Prime members usually receive items within 1-2 days.

Can I wear items bought under ‘Amazon Prime’s Try Before Buying’ outdoors?

No, items must be returned within the seven-day window to avoid being charged

How long do items arrive through “Amazon Prime’s Try Before You Buy”?

Delivery times vary, but Prime members usually receive items within 1-2 days.


I love the idea that I can try clothes before buying them, thanks to Amazon Prime’s innovative service. It takes the hassle out of online shopping, giving me the confidence to try new styles without any upfront payment. For fashion enthusiasts or those who prefer a hands-on approach before committing, this feature is a godsend. In my experience, the flexibility and convenience of fitting clothes at home can’t be overstated.

Whether it’s to finalize your look for an event or to refresh your wardrobe, Amazon Prime has certainly added value by allowing us to ‘try before we buy.’ While it’s important to stay mindful of Amazon Prime’s policies during this trial period, overall, it’s an offer that brings much more ease and enjoyment into shopping online.

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